PS.Q&A: Meet The Team That Makes Us Tick: Anna


Anna Krisna Fuentes Arceo, Senior Service Supervisor at PS.Cafe Petit Martin 38

Born: 2 Sep 1984

Years in PS: 6 years 8 months

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

I started working in the service industry when… I was 18, a university student majoring in Computer Science in Philippines. During my student life, I was working as a service staff in fast food chains like Kenny Rogers and Jollibee. Until my final year in University, I had to stop working temporary and concentrate on my thesis. 

My journey in PS started when… I was invited by my brother, Carlos (PS.Cafe staff) to Singapore for vacation and chanced upon this job offer.

I choose to work in PS. because… of the PS.Cafe website! I was impressed by what I saw.  Also, I would like to gain different experiences as my previous jobs were all in fast food chains. Working in a full-service restaurant is a good chance for me to improve myself.

The best part of my job is… learning to interact with different customers as I am a shy person to begin with. This job has trained me to be more sociable and gives me satisfaction whenever I’ve made somebody’s day.

I have learnt to… appreciate coffee after working in PS.Cafe since we have to do coffee tasting for a better understanding of this magical bean.

My favourite PS. comfort food is… definitely the Cranberry Turkey Sandwich! I will order it whenever I feel stressed.

My dream vacation would be… Rome, Italy.  I would really love to view the churches and monuments in Vatican City. Along the way, I can visit my cousins who are staying there.

During my free time, I will… do some chores at home, go for a jog or cycle and spend some time with my friends.

If I didn’t work at PS, I would… further my studies and find another job in the IT industry.

In 10 years time, I hope that I can… settle down and form my own family.

Say hi to Anna the next time you’re at PS.Cafe Petit @ Martin 38! 

PS.Q&A: Meet The Team That Makes Us Tick: Eric Balan


Eric Balan, Service Manager at PS.Cafe Petit, Tiong Bahru

Born: 11 Jun 1971

Years in PS: 11 years

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

I joined PS.Cafe because… of the invite from one of the PS. directors. We have known each other for years prior as he was one of the regulars at my previous work place. I remembered clearly that day, as he referred me to his friend’s café when I told him about my intention for a better prospect. It was only 2 weeks into my new job at PS.Cafe Paragon, when I found out that that regular customer of mine is actually the director at PS.

Started in the service industry… when I was 21 years old. I have been working in the hospitality industry as a server, bell boy, house keeping etc. Probably around 20 years now!

My favourite hobby is… definitely Soccer! Since young, I was the school’s Soccer Team Captain, National Soccer player for the under 21 category and was given an opportunity to train and represent a Soccer Club in Italy. Until now, I always have the urge to change into my jersey when I see people playing.

I really like our… PS. family! Everyone is warm-hearted and treats each other like their own family members.

My dream vacation is… A good extended trip to Italy. As I have always been interested in their rich cultures, history and architectural structures in the country. 

My favourite comfort food is… A plate of rice with Rendang, Asam Pedas and any other spicy Malay food.

My life philosophy is… Live for the present moment as life is unpredictable.

If I didn’t work at PS, I would be… A professional Soccer Player. (If I had accepted the opportunity offered back when I was younger!)

Walk in to PS.Cafe Petit at Tiong Bahru & say Hi to Eric!  He is sure to greet you with his warm smile & make you feel right at home.