#PSMeetTheTeam : Shawn (Service Crew)


Designation Service crew

Year in PS 3 months (2 years contract)

Hometown South Korea

When did you move to Singapore?

I was contemplating between joining the Army straight after high school or taking a gap year, so I jumped upon the chance to move to Singapore when I received a call back from PS.Cafe about 3 months ago. Having the chance to move abroad was exciting because it means I could learn English at the same time, so here I am!

How’s your experience so far?

Thankfully I enjoy summer the most, so being in a tropical country with 'summer' all year round makes me really happy. I find Singapore very vibrant, there’s always things to do here for me. I think people here are friendlier than back home - although I wish there are cheaper Soju around! 

Language is probably the only issue for me so far, because of that, I would commute everywhere via the MRT (train) only because it’s easier to understand. [laughs]

Tell us about your difficulties working in an English-speaking environment.

It’s good because it forces me to learn on the job - Other than from my colleagues, I learn it too by watching tv series. I especially enjoy the American series'  - Modern Family and Big Bang Theory; Cameron and Jim makes learning English way more fun! 

What do you love most about your job?

Constantly surrounded by great food, the café’s nice ambience, friendly colleagues and supportive seniors and managers at PS.Cafe ASH makes it an enjoyable place to work. Even though I'm currently still learning English, which makes it difficult to communicate here, I love the opportunity of meeting people. 

What’s your all time favourite PS dish?

I love beef, especially pork - so St. Louis Ribs would be my favourite dish. Although I have yet the chance to try the PS.Burger, I can't help but drool over it because it smells amazing!

How do you spend your off days?

I don’t like staying at home, so I’d spend most of it outside - either for dinner at “Korea town” aka Tanjong Pagar or shopping around Town. I’ve got 2 friends from Korea working at PS as well, Amy and Bonnie, both of whom I would meet up occasionally. Other than that I would play soccer with my other Korean friends every Wednesday after work and last but not least, Karaoke!

What’s your best karaoke songs to sing lately?

Justin Bieber “Sorry”, Adele “Hello”, Sia “Cheap Thrills” and of course, K-pop songs.

Tell us about your favorite spot in ASH!

The newly renovated Attic bar & lounge area. I like the on going events here at ASH, such as Truffle Thursday and Saturday Night Diva, not only is the atmosphere lively, I also get to practice my Japanese by conversing with DJ Shigeki.

Anata wa nihongo o hanasemasu ka? (Do you know how to speak Japanese?)

[laughs] Hai, chotto! (yes, a little bit) 

If I weren’t at PS I would… be joining the Army, which eventually I still have to after 2 years. After that, I wish to study Hotel Management and Hospitality, hopefully somewhere abroad such as Canada where most of my Korean friends are. Although I’m not looking forward to the cold winter there! [laughs]