#PSMeetTheTeam : Elaine (Service Crew)

#PSMeetTheTeam : Elaine (Service crew)

Elaine is from our service crew at PS.Cafe, Harding. She's been with us for 1 year and her hometown is at Penang, Malaysia. There's a little story behind the red lipsticks she uses, read on to find out more!

Why did you move to Singapore?

It wasn’t planned, but I was looking for a new challenge and always wanted to experience working outside Malaysia. 

The only reason I moved to Singapore was because of PS.Cafe.

Tell us about your favourite spot in Harding

I grew up surrounded by nature and away from the city – I was lucky enough to be located at PS.Cafe at Harding because it is all of that and more. My favourite spot would be the alfresco dining area overlooking the tropical forest, especially when it rains. Whenever it is overwhelmingly busy at work, I’d take a breather outside just looking at the greenery - it helps calm me down.

What are the things you cannot live without?

Food! Everyone close to me knows that I love to eat. A distant second would be music - I like R&B, jazz and… K-Pop! Sadly I don’t sing or play any musical instruments.

Tell us about the lipstick you are wearing now - Do you have makeup essentials for work?

[Laughs] there’s a back-story to my signature red lipstick. To be honest I was never a makeup person but when I started working here, the Assistant Manager highlighted how important it is to look presentable. Right after that, I went makeup shopping and picked the brand Etude because I’m obsessed with anything made in Korea. I purchased a whole basic makeup set and a pink lipstick, I thought pink should be a safe colour for someone who doesn’t usually wear makeup. The next day I was wearing my new pink lipstick to work and the Assistant Manager commented that the colour didn’t really suit me. So I went to get a bright orangey-red lipstick, assuming that something completely the opposite would be a better match. It wasn’t. He suggested I try a darker red. I did and finally I found my signature colour! Now I wear this red lipstick everywhere and I've received countless compliments; some customers have even asked where they can get the lipstick. 

Alfresco dining area, Harding

Alfresco dining area, Harding

Red lipstick from Etude

Red lipstick from Etude

PS Caesar Salad with rosemary grilled chicken

PS Caesar Salad with rosemary grilled chicken

How do you spend your off days?

It's a privilege to have such a great team here at PS.Cafe at Harding, so even during our off days we would spend our time together. Usually either eating out or watching movies. Other than that, I spend most of my free time at my grandparents’ place in Jurong, playing with my nephew. My grandparents cook every weekend for us – home-cooked meals are the best.

What’s your comfort food?

Penang style char kway teow!

What was your last vacation and do you have any upcoming travel plans?

I went to Hong Kong last year and quickly realised that I’m not so much of a city person. It is way too busy for my liking. This year I am planning to finally visit Korea! Not just because of K-pop but I would also like to explore their rural countryside and try all of their local foods rather than just shopping in the city. Scenery and food are always what I’m after.

Speaking of food, what’s your all time favourite PS.Cafe dish?

PS Caesar Salad with rosemary grilled chicken – I would eat that everyday if I could!

If I weren’t at PS I would… probably be working as an accountant in some office back in Malaysia.

One thing you would like to pursue?

Photography. I like to take pictures of nature and landscape.

What’s your most memorable experience in PS.Cafe?

Earning 3 compliment cards from our guests in a month, building relationships with guests and colleagues, and lastly our staff party ritual with PS.Cafe Harding team – we’re very solid and treat each other like family.

You’re a very happy person; tell us what’s your mantra?

Be positive, keep smiling and surround yourself with kind people!