Dough you know?


A mother dough, also called pre-ferment or starter dough, usually consists of a simple mixture of flour, water and raising agent (eg. yeast) and is added to bread dough before the kneading and baking process as a substitute for yeast.


What's cool about mother dough? - and especially PS.Cafe's mother dough - is that a part of our original dough has been used in every single loaf of bread made by our baker since we started baking our own breads six years ago.


It's replenished daily with flour and water, insuring the survival of the strains of yeast we captured six years ago. 


This hardworking dough has seen a lot. It has complex flavours that are only becoming more refined everyday. From our Ash White Sourdough Bread which is used for our very popular steak sandwich to our organic multi-grain bread which is a perfect healthy choice to serve at the breakfast table for a quick start in the morning with any of your favourite spread.


You can get them at our outlets or online here!