#PSMeetTheTeam : Irene Yeong (Cafe Manager of Martin 38)

#PSMeetTheTeam :

Irene Yeong

(Cafe Manager of Martin 38)

Irene Yeong is our Cafe Manager overseeing our establishment at 38 Martin Road. She joined PS.Cafe as she felt that it is well-recognised and also because her husband is a Chef for PS.Cafe at Paragon. She has a 4 year old son who has changed the way she views the world. As a cafe manager, it helped to broaden her perspective, which allowed her to look further ahead; setting goals for the outlet, her team, and also for her family.

Working as a Cafe Manager at Martin 38 has taught her a lot; from appreciating coffee to understanding the different varietals of wines, from traditional comfort food to adventurous desserts, and also from managing her team to receiving guests.

On her days off, she spends her time at the cinemas, catching up with friends and also visiting different cafes to experience the different settings, layout and service offerings.

When asked which is her favourite food at Martin 38, she had a hard time deciding. To name but a few… she enjoys the PS. Burger, Four Cheese Porcini Pizza, San Choy Pau, Szechuan Pepper Chilli Chicken, and the Chopsuey Chopsuey.

She is most elated when guests notice good service from her team, and also when familiar faces return to the cafe. The most memorable experiences for her would be when customers approach her out of the blue to give praise for great food and service.

As she has an interest in baking and pastries, she would have chosen to study and learn more about pastries if she did not work in the service industry. If she were to pick her last meal on earth, it would definitely be her mom’s cooking; simple home-cooked food never fails to warm her heart.

Lastly, some of her traveling bucket list includes visiting Santorini and also embarking on a road trip in America!