#PSMeetTheTeam : Chef Peter (Senior Sous Chef, Pastry)


#PSMeetTheTeam : 

Chef Peter

(Senior Sous Chef, Pastry)

Although Chef Peter has just been working with us for the last 2 years, he has well over 40 years of experience in pastry. He still remembers vividly the times when he was working part-time at a bakery after school, at the young age of 13, where it all started.

Out of his 3 children, his daughter is the one that shares his interest in pastry and has followed in his footsteps. 
He enjoys the discussions, knowledge and experiences they share with one another. 

Chef Peter likes travelling with his family and takes each opportunity he has to explore and try out different pastries along the way, observing and bringing those inspiration back with him for more R&D (research & development).

He believes that “Life is a never-ending learning journey.” And we couldn't agree more.