PS.Q&A: Meet the team that makes us tick: Omar


Name: Syed Omar

Born: 23 Aug 1973

Years in PS: 8 years

Country: Singapore


The most unique thing about PS.Cafe:

I like the concept of our responsibilities as team members, we’re not there to simply take an order, we learn about every ingredient in every dish and we take the time to do so. I also love our twists on the classic cocktails, take our mojito as an example, traditionally it’s made with white rum but here were use both white and dark rum as well as molasses sugar. It’s refreshing, it’s different and it retains it’s traditional origins but with a twist.


Why did you choose to become a bartender?

 My first job was actually as part of the service crew, but I found I was more geared towards being behind the bar. I love building relationships with the customers and there’s no better way than making them an enjoyable drink.


If you could fly to anywhere, where would you go?

Hawaii. As I usually tell the other staff, I was born in Brazil and raised in Hawaii, I love beaches.


What are your favorite cocktails to make?

 Muddy Mojito and Whiskey Sour. I make my Whiskey Sours the classic, proper way using egg white, it gives the drink a great texture and makes it go down smooth and easy.


What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I am a very outdoorsy person and I used to do a lot of water sports. Unfortunately one day whilst I was jet-skiing I was fined for not having a license. So I took up mountain biking, because I can just do it! I first started mountain biking when I met a friend who was really into extreme sports. He was also a great surfer and he motivated me to believe that regardless of age, you can do anything you dream of. Except jet-skiing without a license.


What model is your mountain bike?

My mountain bike is the Kona Stinky Jr. I like it because it caters for small-sized individuals like me. It is also the first bike I used to compete in biking contests; I once came in seventh place in a big race on Sentosa.


You sometimes wear a cowboy hat to work…

I like the cowboy hat look at the bar, for me it’s a fashion thing. Way back in the day I used to have afro hair and dreadlocks. I like doing things differently, so I transform when I need a change. When I cut my dreadlocks off I felt like I had lost a part of me, that I lost a bit of my vibe. The cowboy hat is a tribute to the dreadlocks of my past.