PS.Q&A: Meet the team that makes us tick: Steven Law

Steven Law, Beverage Manager / PS.Gourmet Group

Born: February 3rd, 1979 / 35 years old

Joined PS: January 2006 (PS.Cafe at Harding Road)

Hometown: Singapore

I found PS.Cafe: Through my NS friend Simon Ho.  We’ve known each other for almost 17 years now.  We served in the same unit, and he referred me for a bartender position at Harding Road shortly after it opened.  In my eight years here, I’ve learned a lot, but most importantly how to be a creative thinker.

My favourite drink is: A classic mojito – I love the refreshing mint leaf flavor.  I believe cocktails are just like fashion – classic cocktails will last longer and ultimately do better than some of the more trendy new creations.  Cocktails aside, I like Glenlivet 18 or The Macallan 18 on the rocks.

I’m most proud of: my team.  We all work very closely with one another, and some of them have been with me for the last seven years.    I would not be as successful without their support.  Good people are the best asset a restaurant can have – it can’t survive without people.

I could never: work an office job – too much air-con!  I’m a active person so I love being out in the sun.  

My favourite foods to cook at home: Were taught by my mother, who was a good cook.  I often make Penang Laksa, Trotter with Vinegar and Red Wine Chicken.

My last vacation was: A road trip from Bangkok to Chonburi and Pattaya.  Once I’m a bit familiar with a foreign country, I love to rent a car and drive myself around so I can experience it with the freedom of a local.

My dream vacation would be: A trek in Tibet.  I want to challenge myself to hike so high above seal level.  When travelling, I like to visit destinations that are geared toward young, active people – the adventurous ones I won’t be able to enjoy as well in my later years. 

If I didn’t work at PS, I would: Be an interior designer or a carpenter.  My dad specialized in residential renovations.  I studies interior design and apprenticed with him for 2.5 years.  I wanted to get out and see the world a bit before deciding on my future career, and that’s when I was introduced to F&B.   

Want to know more?  You can catch Steven behind the bar at PS.Cafe at Ann Siang Hill or Chopsuey Cafe on many evenings.